American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama Annual Report FY ’19

During my role at the Communications and Development Associate for the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, I was tasked with developing the organization’s annual report for 2018-19.

The ACLU of Alabama wanted a more polished, professionally designed report with a look consistent with our brand guidelines. I was tasked with developing the first draft of the content, creating a new layout, and performing revisions as needed before prepping for print.

The outcome was reminiscent of who the ACLU of Alabama was becoming—an organization thoughtful of its traditions yet ready to move boldly in new directions. The document was organized by happening—the district attorney race campaign for Jefferson County, advocacy and public education, legal work, etc.—to best showcase what we’d done. Bold color combinations graced each spread to differentiate between the new topics. The report’s irregular dimensions and vibrant look, in conjunction with a consistent typographic layout, yielded a result that displays the organization’s readiness to break the national mold while remaining grounded and polished.