Harbert College of Business Website Migration

During my time working for Auburn University Harbert College of Business as an undergraduate student, I worked alongside my supervisor Jennie Powers—the college’s webmaster—to prepare the site for migration from ExpressionEngine to OmniUpdate.

Prepping for Migration:
Together, Jennie and I had to take inventory of everything that was on the site. 

UX/UI Design:
We worked through how users would interact with the site throughout their journey to find information. To simplify the customer’s experience navigating the site, I suggested we develop a multi-tier dropdown menu that’d reduce the number of clickthroughs to two. By the second click, the prospective student should be on the right track to finding the information they’re looking for. 

Following the Migration:
After the site was migrated, I was responsible for assisting with copywriting and copyediting, designing page layouts, developing metadata, and establishing users and defining their permissions. 

After Completion:
I assisted Jennie with web management and content updates.