Auburn University School of Accounting Roadmap Guide

Last July, I was approached by a representative from the Auburn University Harbert College of Business to assist with their overflow design projects. The first piece I worked on under contract with the university was developing a new handbook for the School of Accounting.

The purpose of the project was to update the SOA’s handbook design to something the school could use moving forward. The final deliverables were two PDF files—one for prepped for printing and the other for digital—and the packaged native project file.

The outcome was clean and simple and sported an updated color palette complementary to the university’s brand colors as well as an aspect of newness from page to page. The location motif introduced on the cover of the guide continues throughout the book, guiding the viewer through the journey to success step by step. Throughout the design, the textual layout remains steady. At the same time, color is used to differentiate between pages and content as well as provide hierarchy and organization. The resulting design is a modern, organized (and occasionally bold) piece the school can utilize for semesters to come.