Relax Recharge and Renew Event Graphics

Brief: To relieve stress and anxiety brought on by exams, the Harbert College of Business wanted to provide their students a chance to relax, recharge, and feel renewed during exam week last December. For this event, they wanted a casual, eye-catching graphic the students would notice, and they could use for posters, social media, and digital displays. The intention is to use these visuals for the next several semesters with updated information.

The outcome was an invitation-inspired design with a vibrant blue and green gradient background and glowing white text to represent the idea of electricity flowing and power. To retain the design’s appropriateness for other semesters, a color palette of green and blue was chosen for their calming and renewing properties. In the layout, the event’s name stands prominent in the hierarchy, with supporting details following. To tie together the design, a free-flowing yet structured border continues throughout each piece uniting the visuals in each medium. The resulting design expresses the idea of recharging and renewing in a very bright yet clean manner.