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Lovely Supply Company was born of my love for design, lettering, paper goods, and all things I find beautiful. The company has gone through many changes in terms of my long term vision for the company. However, throughout it all, this piece has remained true to the core principles of the company—to love and empower others with lovely words of affirmation. Though the company's mission has changed, this mark will remain the same.

Brief: The purpose of this logo was to define a custom lettering piece, which was equal parts soft and romantic yet stable and sure of itself. The mark had to be something that could stand out against other companies in the same genre, yet feel like it could belong next to them. Yet, it had to retain some sense of masculinity to avoid becoming overly feminine. 

Outcome: The end result is flirty, classy, and youthful. The soft curves of the letterforms, as well as the graceful movements of the flourishes, evokes a feminine aspect. At the same time, the strong verticles stokes keep the mark from appearing overly scripted, which is common is women-centric brandmarks. 


Lovely Supply Company

Project Type

Brand Design


Alysheia, Sole Designer


Lettered logo design
Business cards design
Stationery design
Web design/development

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Alysheia Shaw-Dansby is proficient in brand development and design, copy writing and editing, lettering and illustration, and layout design.

Additionally, I’m familiar with customizing websites and emails when needed.


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