American Civil Liberties Union 2022 Election Billboard Campaign


In September 2022, I collaborated with Fahrenheit Creative Group on the ACLU of Alabama’s 2022 Election billboard campaign. On this project, I lead their team of designers on art direction and set project expectations for the cooperation, such as outlining timelines, roles, commitments, deliverables, and file-sharing expectations.

Additionally, I revised the billboard copy to match our affiliate’s tone of voice by modifying word selections to fit the organization’s issue areas and priorities and unifying the language and sentence structure used on the billboard variations.

Outcome: Per our collaboration expectations, I designed the first seven billboard variations for the primary digital billboards, and Fahrenheit’s designers completed the remaining resizing of the billboards to match the dimensions of other billboard formats according to my artistic direction. In addition, my initial designs set the expectations for consistent color schemes, text layout, and how images and gradients are used together for heightened text visibility. 


American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama

Project Type

Campaign Design


Alysheia, Art direction and lead designer, and Copy editor

Fahrenheit Creative Group, Copywriter and Supplementary designer


Copy editing
Campaign Design
Billboard design
Content creation

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Alysheia Shaw-Dansby is proficient in brand development and design, copy writing and editing, lettering and illustration, and layout design.

Additionally, I’m familiar with customizing websites and emails when needed.


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