Othered Voices Branding

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Othered Voices is a social impact initiative to amplify the lived experiences of Americans of color by centering storytelling, knowledge sharing, and collective priority setting as a path for power and equity building.

Brief: When considering the brand identity of Othered Voices, I intended to highlight individuals with othered identities through visual assets and icon design. For the logos, I wanted a solution that was presentable to folks with varying identities and allowed for variety.

Outcome: The resulting logos feature extended modern san serif style letterforms grounded in tradition but feel more welcoming because of its unique extended format. Due to the style of lettering combined with my color selections, the resulting mark connects the legacy and heritage of Americans of color and feels well-founded, like finding solid footing. Additionally, the accent marks highlight letterforms of varying widths to reform the primary design into a solution representative of a broad audience of othered individuals.


Othered Voices

Project Type

Brand Design


Alysheia, Sole Designer


Lettered logo design
Brand strategy
Icon design

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Alysheia Shaw-Dansby is proficient in brand development and design, copy writing and editing, lettering and illustration, and layout design.

Additionally, I’m familiar with customizing websites and emails when needed.


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