Simmons’ GoBattery Branding


With visions of expanding their company over the next several years by opening stores in new places across the Southeast, Simmons Batteries was ready to make a change—beginning with their name. Moving forward as Simmons GoBattery, they wanted to revamp their brand assets to match the difference.

Brief: The company chose to divide into two parts—Simmons GoBattery to manage battery sales and Southeastern Carts to manage their golf cart inventory. They wanted new logos created for both companies, which alluded to the tradition of who they were as well as where they're heading.

Outcome: For the Simmons GoBattery logo, the small business wanted something clean and professional, which showed movement in some form. After presenting solutions that showed speed in more obvious ways, the owners decided on this more simple mark with a subtle compass in the "O" of GoBattery. The bowed shape with Simmons written in it can be used separately or together as a unit.

The Southeastern Cart logo takes inspiration from old-style car company logos. The goal was to develop a masculine script which was accomplished by the sharpness of the monoline script coupled with the low exaggerated connecting points. Then for this logo to feel like an extension of the GoBattery logo, "Carts" follows the same lettering style as GoBattery in the primary logo.

The result is two logos that feel similar yet retain their own uniqueness when side-by-side.


Simmons GoBattery

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Lettered Logo Design


Alysheia, Sole Designer


Lettered logo design
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Alysheia Shaw-Dansby is proficient in brand development and design, copy writing and editing, lettering and illustration, and layout design.

Additionally, I’m familiar with customizing websites and emails when needed.


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